We’re about to embark on the next phase of our improvement journey and we are crystal clear about what we’ve got to do and how we plan to do it.

We realise that good social workers need great managers, to provide the day-to-day support, practical advice, and first rate supervision that our teams want and need. So we're actively investing in our Team Managers by enhancing our employment offer, whilst providing greater support in order to improve quality, and by increasing the scope for professional development opportunities. We're also making caseloads our top priority, so that you can feel the benefit of being able to manage complex and challenging cases, with high levels of support.

We want you to be the very best practitioner you can be. To deliver on that promise, we've been through some big changes, and are committed to becoming the best Local Authority in the country for social workers. Workforce culture, staff morale, the status and recognition of social workers amongst partners – we're seeing real, tangible improvements in these fundamental areas of social work. We understand that practitioners are at the heart of everything, and that without investing in you, we cannot improve the lives of the people in Devon who need us most.

So, if any of this appeals to you, please read on, apply, or get in touch. We're ready if you are!

"We're incredibly proud of our social workers, and the complex and challenging work they undertake every day in Devon."

Jo Olsson
Jo Olsson, Chief Officer for Children’s Services, Devon County Council