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Support and Development

We understand that good social workers need great managers. Managers who provide the day-to-day support, practical advice, and first rate supervision that our teams want and need. So we're actively investing in our teams by enhancing our employment offering, whilst providing greater support in order to improve quality and increasing the scope for professional development opportunities. 

We’ve created an innovative programme that will inspire our team managers and have a direct impact on the way we manage our work, focussing on a clear learning pathway for leaders and managers in our service.


We're providing the support you need by supplying you with the right tools for the job, including a laptop and mobile phone, maintaining reasonable caseloads and enabling you to focus on social work.


Giving you access to expert advice and training will support you at every stage of your professional career, from student placements to senior management.


We listen to and learn from the people who use our services, so we can offer the best possible experiences for the people we work with, and the people who work here.

Practice led

We want you to be openly involved in shaping the way our services evolve and ensure your voice is heard at senior levels of the organisation.

Training and being part of a group of newly qualified social workers in Devon