Working with Adults

We've an excellent reputation in Adult Social Care. The Peer Review conducted in June 2015 described our team as "the jewel in our crown", commenting: "Staff are proud to work for Devon County Council; are positive and motivated; and genuinely care about the people they support – we saw this time and again. Your adult social care structure has clear focus on integration, safeguarding, quality, prevention, with strong voluntary sector co-ordination."

Our approach to assessment and support planning aims to enable and empower people to make choices about where and how they live and how we meet their support needs. Social workers work collaboratively with Occupational Therapists, Social Care Assessors, health professionals and colleagues with expertise in Safeguarding Adults, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and the Mental Capacity Act who support the assessment process and ensure that the right expertise is involved from the start. This integrated way of working means that joining us, you'll benefit from a supportive working environment with a comprehensive range of resources at your fingertips.

Community Health and Social Care Teams

Our vibrant and friendly community teams cover both very rural areas and more densely populated areas, to include the City of Exeter. The teams have excellent working relationships with the wider multidisciplinary teams to include mental health and community health teams, and a strong voluntary sector. These posts are co-located in community hospitals, and present an excellent development opportunity for experienced social workers who wish to progress their career in a well-supported environment. The Community Teams work with adults of working age and older adults who may need support because of physical or learning disabilities.

Hospital Discharge Teams

Supporting adults with physical disabilities and older people, these teams complement the work of the Community Health and Social Care Teams, providing a comprehensive approach to hospital discharge (acute and in some instances community hospitals). You will work closely with a multidisciplinary team and your role will be to provide a strong social care presence.

Safeguarding Teams

Our Safeguarding Teams are based in our Care Direct Plus centres in North, South and
East Devon. The teams are responsible for managing incoming Safeguarding Concerns, carrying out the initial investigations, and linking in with the Community Health and Social Care Teams.

Transitions & Supported Living Team

Working closely with a range of colleagues and professionals to ensure the smooth transition of services provided to children and young people aged 14 and above, as they move between Children's and Adults' services provision.

Autism & ADHD Team

Providing specialist support services to people who have a diagnosis relating to autism and ADHD.

High Cost Review Team

Focussing on the sensitive area of care reviews, where the cost of care has been deemed to be high. This work includes reviewing each case on its own merits, while considering all available options, identifying what is being funded and by whom, and what alternatives and other sources of funding may be available.